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Hong Kong Healthcare Costs
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Hong Kong Healthcare Costs

Hong Kong is able to deliver some of the highest quality healthcare in the world. The city possesses an abundance of superior medical facilities and globally leading hospitals which are on par with the standards of care associated with the USA and Western Europe.

However, the cost of healthcare treatment in Hong Kong continues to rise rapidly. At current rates of medical inflation, Hong Kong will soon rival the USA as the world’s most expensive location for medical care.

Hong Kong is currently experiencing a high level of economic buoyancy and this is driving more and more people to seek a higher standard of private healthcare. As a result of this increased demand, the availability of high quality private medical treatment has become limited, and this in turn has served to increase the overall costs of private healthcare in Hong Kong.

Unfortunately for healthcare consumers, these increased costs of medical treatment are now being passed down in the form of increased medical insurance premiums.

Hong Kong is currently listed as the second most expensive place in the world to receive medical treatment after the USA, and the costs associated with medical treatment in Hong Kong are likely to continue to rise in the short term.

Please see below an example of typical medical costs in Hong Kong can for seven standard treatments at three leading private Hong Kong hospitals as compared to the USA Federal average.

Standard Treatment Hong Kong USA
Matilda Cannossa Sanatorium Federal Average
GP Consultation $64 - 102 $24 - 64 $153 $100
Specialist Consultation $102 - 192 $89 - 115 $275 $180
Private Room (1 day) $761 $307 $651 $400
MRI $641 $576 $641 $1,000
Appendectomy $4,297 $7,692 $7,692 $18,500
Knee Reconstruction (ACL) $10,807 $17,538 $13,692 $25,000
Maternity – Routine Del’ $8,500 $7,794 $7,179 $7,600
Dental - Cavity Filling N/A $64 - $128 $230 $300
Dental - Root Canal N/A $641 - $1,025 $1,025 - $1,538 $800

* All Prices quoted in USD (1.00 USD = 7.8 HKD)
** USA medical costs quoted represent a standardised Federal average. Costs may differ between states and Federally Administered Zones

The above table is meant only for reference and comparison purposes. Please be advised that all stated costs are only examples and that the actual costs may be different. Costs are liable to change without prior warning and will be dependant your treatment, the attending doctor, or any complications of the treatment.


Hong Kong Health Insurance Quote

If you would like to learn more about the costs associated with various medical procedures in Hong Kong, or where the best place to receive treatment is, please contact us by clicking on the link. We can also provide a free quote for a Hong Kong Health Insurance plan which will cover the cost of medical treatment at the city’s best hospitals; simply complete the short form at the top of this page and our dedicated Hong Kong Health Insurance advisors will provide you with a comprehensive list of coverage options.

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